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Celebrating World Health Day: “My health, my right”

At OLIGOFASTX, we work to develop therapeutic solutions for patients living with rare diseases. That is why World Health Day, celebrated every 7 April, is an occasion to reflect on the challenges and successes in global health. This year’s theme is “My Health, My Right”, highlighting the fundamental importance of equitable access to health services […]

Approval, registration and marketing of therapeutic oligos

In this eighth and final instalment of our #DiscoveringOligonucleotides series, we delve into the process of approval, registration and commercialisation of therapeutic oligonucleotides. Approval and registration The approval and registration process for therapeutic oligonucleotides, as for any other drug, is a critical step in their journey from the laboratory to the patient. This process involves […]

Exploring the new frontiers of biotechnology

Biotechnology has expanded our understanding and ability to address human health challenges. However, the path to clinical development of biotechnology innovations remains an intriguing challenge, with only a few innovations that have succeeded in becoming transformative tools and therapies. In this article, we explore the latest trends in healthcare biotechnology, focusing on RNA-based vaccines and […]

Clinical trials: a journey towards hope in rare diseases

Clinical trials have been a fundamental pillar in the advancement of medicine and pharmaceutical research. Their evolution has been a testament to the human commitment to understand, improve and treat disease. These studies, involving the evaluation of treatments in humans, have been the cornerstone for determining the safety and efficacy of new therapies, and continue […]

#8M Commemorating International Women’s Day: inspiring voices from OLIGOFASTX

On International Women’s Day, we join the world in celebrating the achievements and continuing struggle for gender equality. A year ago, we at OLIGOFASTX reflected on the inspirational stories of outstanding women in our consortium. This year we renew our commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment in general, and in science and biotech innovation […]

World Rare Disease Day: embracing the rarity of a leap year

In a leap year like the current one, where 29 February takes on a special significance, we are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to the development of innovative therapies for rare diseases. At OLIGOFASTX, we are proud to join in the commemoration of World Rare Disease Day, an iconic date that reminds us of the […]

#DiscoveringOligonucleotides: exploring the synthesis and scale-up of therapeutic oligonucleotides

In this sixth installment of our #DiscoveringOligonucleotides series, we delve into the synthesis and scale-up of therapeutic oligonucleotides. These small fragments of nucleic acids have proven to be crucial tools in the development of innovative and targeted drugs for a variety of medical conditions. Ensuring excellence in the production of therapeutic oligonucleotides: synthesis, purification and […]

Oligonucleotide biosynthesis: driving precision medicine towards a sustainable future

Precision medicine has seen extraordinary advances in recent years, driven largely by research into oligonucleotide biosynthesis. These tiny fragments of nucleic acid have emerged as key players in the development of highly targeted therapies that could revolutionise the treatment of diseases ranging from genetic to complex. Oligonucleotide biosynthesis is a process in which bacteria are […]

Preclinical development of therapeutic oligonucleotides

In the fifth installment of our #DiscoveringOligonucleotides series, we dive into the preclinical development phase. From research in vitro, which lays the groundwork, until validation in vivo, which brings promising therapies to clinical reality, therapeutic oligonucleotides, like all other drugs, need to be studied in depth before being tested in patients. In vitro research: the […]

2023: a key year for therapeutic oligos

Since the pioneering approval of Fomivirsen in 1998, the field of oligonucleotides has undergone a remarkable evolution, marking significant milestones in the treatment of various diseases. Despite initial challenges, oligonucleotide antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) have re-emerged strongly, supported by technological innovations, growth in the rare genetic disease market and collaboration between diverse entities. Four therapeutic oligonucleotides […]