Oligonucleotide-based drug development maintains challenges that offer opportunities for researching more effective therapies and optimizing their availability in the future.


Like all transversal technologies, oligonucleotides-based drug discovery benefits from the interaction and complementarity with other technologies.

The OLIGOFASTX project takes a 360-degree view, focusing not only on the design and development of active ingredients developed from oligonucleotide-derived molecules but also on the most important challenges they present for the commercialization of viable products. These challenges focus on the correct release of active ingredients into the body and on viable and sustainable production processes.


Oligonucleotides are complex molecules that present challenges in maintaining their stability once administered and optimizing their properties to reach the organs and cells for which they are developed.

The OLIGOFASTX project develops products aimed at specific targets and for this purpose applies nanoparticle technologies for their release and the development of bioconjugated systems, where these molecules bind to other molecules that allow them to reach their therapeutic targets.


Currently, oligonucleotide-based drug production is constantly improving. OLIGOFASTX also includes research and development activities focused on meeting the need to produce feasibly and sustainably oligonucleotide-based drugs from the project pipeline in quantities that can supply the market in the future, including solid-phase synthesis and bioprocess, including classical fermentation and biocatalytic processes.