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A 100% Spanish owned biotechnological company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of nano-systems for drug delivery applications. Our technology is focussed on applications in the field of medicine where we develop systems to diagnose and treat illnesses. These systems are capable of protecting, transporting and specifically delivering the active ingredients to a precise therapeutic target, thereby increasing the efficiency of the treatment whilst simultaneously reducing their secondary effects.

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A nanosystem is a structure employed as a vehicle to transport compounds throughout the organism in an efficient and effective way. At Nanovex we are able to develop different systems capable of transporting a drug such as liposomes, synthetic exosomes, solid lipid particles, polymeric nanoparticles or metallic nanoparticles adapted to the requirements of both the drug and the therapeutic target.

The incorporation of a drug into a delivery system improves its solubility, protects it from harmful external agents such as oxygen, and allows for targeted and controlled releases.

The vehiculization of a drug also enables better control of its pharmacokinetics, modification of the circulation time, and avoiding non-specific interactions thanks to an appropriate coating. This also makes other routes of administration possible due to increased solubility and protection against gastrointestinal disorders. Reaching difficult targets will be easier, making it possible to overcome the blood-brain barrier to treat or diagnose diseases of the central nervous system.

In addition, through a specific strategy, the nanocarrier can be tracked with non-invasive imaging techniques to learn its ADME profile or to detect disease biomarkers as a diagnostic method. Finally, and most importantly, the nano-vehicle will accumulate at the active site reducing toxicity issues.