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53Biologics is a CDMO with extensive experience in decoding biologics overexpression, from DNA to preoteins. The company provides services of cell line transformation, banking and characterization, analytical development, process development (USP & DSP) and batches production.

The company works in partnership with different companies, from start-ups to large companies, as well as other CDMOs, in a quick, proactive and efficient way, always ensuring very high-quality standards to help its clients move their projects forward.

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53Biologics has proven experience producing a broad catalog of recombinant proteins (antibodies, biosimilars, enzymes, growth factors, vaccines, etc.) in a wide range of microbial expression systems (bacteria, yeasts and fungi), mammalian and insect cells.

Additionally, 53Biologics offers process optimization services, both production (USP) and downstream (DSP) and subsequent batches manufacturing. The company has several production lines with different scales. They work under different quality standars (from RUO grade to cGMP) for the production of recombinant proteins for diagnostic and research or even clinical grade (ancillary reagents and therapeutics proteins). In more detail, the company is actively working overproducing enzymes required for the mRNA in vitro transcription.

Taking the advantage of microbial expertise, 53Biologics works in the production of plasmids DNA vectors (pDNA). Those services covers the cell line construction, process optimization (USP & DSP) and regular batches manufacturing. The company is actively working in the pDNA production to be used as template in the production of mRNA by in vitro transcription (IVT).

Thanks to the previous points (enzymes and plasmid DNA) and in response to the great demand for RNA manufacturing that has arisen in recent years, 53Biologics aims to become a reference company in the RNA manufacturing chain; To accomplish this, the company is also working in therapeutic RNA manufacturing (mRNA, siRNA, aptamers, etc.). From the already stablished IVT techniques to the most promising in vivo strategies, the company is working in process development and optimization to satisphy their clients demands and assuring the higher quality standards.