OLIGOFASTX aims to combine resources and efforts to create a platform that facilitates and contributes to the generation in Spain of a biopharmaceutical industrial fabric specialised in the development of oligonucleotide-based therapies with RNA as a common thread.

The project seeks long-term collaboration based on complementarity between companies and specialised research centres, covering the entire development cycle of these drugs.


OLIGOFASTX project interrelates relevant Spanish companies and research centers in the oligonucleotide research area that can provide solutions in the research of new therapies against rare diseases.

From its design, the project connects a wide range of specialized technologies and scientific knowledge, all related to oligonucleotide-based molecules upon completion. OLIGOFASTX focuses on obtaining tangible results from a 360º vision, articulated in four pillars of action:

  • Design and development of new drugs based on oligonucleotides addressing three pharmaceutical technologies: small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA), aptamers, and antagomir.
  • Application of advanced computing technologies and artificial intelligence for the rational design and modeling of these molecules.
  • To develop targeted drug delivery systems, looking for greater efficacy and efficiency.
  • Research and development of industrial production methods and scale-up.


  • To develop a comprehensive platform for new therapies based on three technologies based on oligonucleotides (ASOs, siRNAs and aptamers) that promote and facilitate new therapies against rare diseases without medical response to reach the market.
  • To constitute a comprehensive system of activities and processes, through collaboration between entities, that allows the development of drugs based on oligonucleotides, being able to address the treatment of any disease, both rare and high incidence, albeit within the framework of the project it is limited to developments in rare diseases.