OLIGOFASTX aims to combine resources and efforts to create a platform that facilitates and contributes to the generation in Spain of a biopharmaceutical industrial fabric specialised in the development of oligonucleotide-based therapies with RNA as a common thread.

The project seeks long-term collaboration based on complementarity between companies and specialised research centres, covering the entire development cycle of these drugs.


OLIGOFASTX has the ultimate goal of pooling resources and efforts to create a comprehensive platform to facilitate and contribute to the accelerated development of RNA oligonucleotide-based therapies (ASOs, siRNAs and aptamers) in Spain.

The seven constituent entities are specialised in the different activities necessary to complete the oligonucleotide-based drug development cycle, creating the industrial fabric necessary for the emergence of new RNA-based therapies.


  • The development of a comprehensive platform for new therapies based on three oligonucleotide-based technologies, Antagomirss, siRNAs and Aptamers, to boost and facilitate the arrival on the market of new therapies for the treatment of rare diseases with no medical response.
  • The constitution of an integrated system of activities and processes through collaboration between entities that will enable the design, synthesis, release and development of RNA-based drugs. This system will make it possible to address the treatment of any disease – both rare and high-incidence – although the framework of the CDTI-funded project is limited to developments for rare diseases.
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OLIGOFASTX is a multidisciplinary consortium led by Sylentis (PharmaMar Group) with the participation of six other Spanish companies.

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