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Oligonucleotide biosynthesis: driving precision medicine towards a sustainable future

Precision medicine has seen extraordinary advances in recent years, driven largely by research into oligonucleotide biosynthesis. These tiny fragments of nucleic acid have emerged as key players in the development of highly targeted therapies that could revolutionise the treatment of diseases ranging from genetic to complex. Oligonucleotide biosynthesis is a process in which bacteria are […]

Preclinical development of therapeutic oligonucleotides

In the fifth installment of our #DiscoveringOligonucleotides series, we dive into the preclinical development phase. From research in vitro, which lays the groundwork, until validation in vivo, which brings promising therapies to clinical reality, therapeutic oligonucleotides, like all other drugs, need to be studied in depth before being tested in patients. In vitro research: the […]

2023: a key year for therapeutic oligos

Since the pioneering approval of Fomivirsen in 1998, the field of oligonucleotides has undergone a remarkable evolution, marking significant milestones in the treatment of various diseases. Despite initial challenges, oligonucleotide antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) have re-emerged strongly, supported by technological innovations, growth in the rare genetic disease market and collaboration between diverse entities. Four therapeutic oligonucleotides […]

Therapeutic oligonucleotide delivery systems

In this fourth installment of our #DiscoveringOligonucleotides series, we explore a crucial challenge for innovative drug development, including those based on therapeutic oligonucleotides: delivery systems. Challenges in the release of therapeutic oligonucleotides Therapeutic oligonucleotides have enormous potential to address a variety of diseases, from genetic disorders to neurodegenerative diseases. However, their efficacy is often linked […]