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Science and Innovation Week: an opportunity to get closer to the world of science

Science Week is a unique opportunity to get closer to the fascinating world of science. During this week there are various activities and events where you can learn first-hand about the latest advances and discoveries in different areas of science. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in Science Week and broaden your knowledge! Science […]

Fire and Mello’s discovery of siRNAs: master keys to fighting disease

Small interfering RNA molecules (commonly known by the acronym siRNA small interfering RNA) represent one of the most revolutionary innovations in molecular biology and precision medicine. Their discovery, by scientists Andrew Fire and Craig Mello, was a milestone in biological research and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2006. History of […]

The Annual Celebration of Scientific Excellence: The Nobel Prizes

Each year, the world of science and research unites in a celebration of excellence, innovation and dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. The Nobel Prizes not only pay tribute to those who have made exceptional contributions to the progress of humanity, but also provide a fascinating glimpse into the most recent and promising advances in […]

BioSpain 2023: record attendance, conferences and with RNA and precision medicine as the protagonist

Last week, several representatives of the OLIGOFASTX consortium partners attended BioSpain 2023, which has been held from September 26 to 28 at the Fira de Barcelona – Montjuïc, organized by the Spanish Association of Biocompanies (AseBio) in collaboration with Biocat, the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia. The event has closed a balance […]

European Biotechnology Week: latest developments in the sector

The European Biotech Week 2023 (European Biotech Week #EBW2023) with various events in the different European countries. The European Biotechnology Week aims to celebrate the biotechnology sector, an innovative and vibrant sector, launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule in 1953.The first European Biotechnology Week in 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of this pivotal […]

Next most relevant congresses in the biotechnology sector

The biotechnology industry continues to grow and evolve, a good proof of this is the large number of professional meetings that take place in these last months of the year. Thanks to these events, scientists and professionals have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in this field: something essential to promote, […]

The wide range of job opportunities in the biopharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry is a constantly growing sector that plays a fundamental role in the health and well-being of the population The pharmaceutical market has expanded in recent years due to increased demand for health-related products and services;     This growth has been largely the result of the quality of employment and the diversity […]

The authorization process of a drug in Spain: phases and requirements

At OLIGOFASTX we are working to achieve solutions that improve the quality of life of patients affected by rare diseases, and for this we use all the power of technology, knowledge and the expertise from our partners. Like any other public or private entity, all our developments are subject to the different drug authorization processes […]

10 Practical Tips for Parents of Children Affected by Rare Diseases

In this article, practical advice for parents of children affected by rare diseases will be presented. It will address various situations that may arise in everyday life, with the aim of providing useful tools to deal with them effectively. We hope that this information will be of great help to families in this situation. What […]

Innovation on the horizon: how big pharma investment is driving the development of oligonucleotide-based medicines

The mission of the OLIGOFATSX project is to develop oligonucleotide-based medicines to improve the quality of life of patients affected by rare diseases for which there is still no solution. The scientists involved in the project firmly believe that the future of personalised precision medicine lies in the successful combination of different technologies, including oligonucleotides; […]