#8M Commemorating International Women’s Day: inspiring voices from OLIGOFASTX

On International Women’s Day, we join the world in celebrating the achievements and continuing struggle for gender equality. A year ago, we at OLIGOFASTX reflected on the inspirational stories of outstanding women in our consortium.

This year we renew our commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment in general, and in science and biotech innovation in particular.

Alba de Paz, Project Manager at Arthex Biotech

Alba de Paz, Project Manager at Arthex Biotech, takes us into her motivational world, where diversity and innovation are the driving forces of her scientific career. Alba sees herself as fortunate to work in a work environment that values work-life balance and flexibility, because as she says: “I am aware that many female colleagues and friends have to combine their professional careers with extra family and home care work, which they mostly take on themselves, which limits their time available for professional advancement”. Alba sees a promising future for women in science, where their presence is not only significant. In her own words: “The scientific and technological development that we are experiencing at an accelerated pace over the years I believe will help women to play an important role in the history of science, if not essential to drive innovation and progress”.

Patricia de la Madrid, Business Development and Marketing Manager at 53Biologics

Patricia de la Madrid, Business Development and Marketing Manager at 53Biologics, talks about the challenges that remain despite the advances: “Throughout my academic training, I encountered the perception that women are not as capable as men in leadership roles or ‘technical’ jobs. However, I have never let anyone tell me what my limits were”.

Sandra Freitas, researcher specialising in molecular biology at Nanovex Biotechnologies

Sandra Freitas, a researcher specialising in molecular biology at Nanovex Biotechnologies, invites us to reflect on the challenges facing women in scientific research and build a future where science is truly inclusive and equitable for all: “Unfortunately gender stereotypes continue to have a significant impact on the scientific field and perpetuate the scarce presence of women in STEM areas, even more so in leadership and decision-making positions. […] I believe it is fundamental to work on changing the paradigms associated with scientific careers from the educational base. It is essential that girls and boys approach science on equal terms and with equal recognition.

Building networks of support and collaboration are critical to achieving positive change and ensuring that all women have equal opportunities to excel and lead in their respective fields.

At OLIGOFASTX we are proud to have such inspiring women, whose stories and contributions drive us to continue working towards a future where gender equality is a reality in science and beyond.

Happy International Women’s Day!