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Cancer cachexia

Cancer cachexia is a complex metabolic syndrome characterized by marked loss of body weight, anorexia, asthenia, sarcopenia, and anemia. It is the most common manifestation of advanced malignant cancer, leading to death. Approximately half of all cancer patients experience cachexia and the prevalence is over 80% in terminally ill patients, with cachexia being responsible for […]

Providing solutions for rare diseases: a priority for the UN

Perhaps the definition is not the most accurate, but in reality a rare disease does nothing more than denominate a pathology that has not yet been studied, analyzed and against which there is, for the time being, no solution. The complexity of the processes to reach social development solutions for the improvement of patients’ quality […]

Retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic vision pathology

Every last Sunday of September is celebrated the International Retinitis Pigmentosa Day, one of the rare and genetic diseases of the retina. Aware of the complications that the disease can bring, from Oligofastx we work together in the research and development of solutions based on the development of oligonucleotides to reach an effective treatment. This […]

Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy: when muscles become unresponsive

Today is International Myotonic Dystrophy Day, a rare disease with no treatment or cure to date. Although Myotonic Dystrophy is not within the Oligofastx project, it is one of the diseases on which Arthex Biotech (Oligofastx partner company) is researching and working to find a therapeutic solution. Specifically, Arthex is developing an experimental RNA-based drug […]