Monthly Archives: December 2022

Innovative and sustainable production of biological molecules

The Oligofastx project covers all areas, from start to finish, of the process of developing oligonucleotides to fight several specific diseases: from design and preclinical research to production. Therefore, in this consortium, all the partners contribute their experience and knowledge in specific areas of action, thus completing a clear, consistent, coherent and results-oriented strategy. All […]

Personalized treatments for rare diseases with oligonucleotides pose universal challenges

There is no doubt that oligonucleotide therapies aimed at providing answers and improving the quality of life of patients with certain rare diseases, which still have no solution, are a hopeful prospect. The path, already started with numerous initiatives, Oligofastx among them, is also a reality. But much research remains to be done, not only […]

Oligonucleotides, the language of life in small doses

A technological revolution can start with a key concept, the application of an equation or, often, with the development of a particular material. Steels, alloys, concretes, liquid fuels, semiconductors or polymers are examples that changed the history of mankind and today are ubiquitous in our lives. The pharmaceutical industry is no different. Thus, the ability […]