Monthly Archives: September 2023

European Biotechnology Week: latest developments in the sector

The European Biotech Week 2023 (European Biotech Week #EBW2023) with various events in the different European countries. The European Biotechnology Week aims to celebrate the biotechnology sector, an innovative and vibrant sector, launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule in 1953.The first European Biotechnology Week in 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of this pivotal […]

David Bartel and microRNAs

David Bartel (Birmingham, 1958) is a leading researcher in molecular and cell biology who has made significant contributions to the field of microRNAs. His work has been instrumental in understanding the biology of miRNAs and their importance in gene regulation. Bartel is known for his work in identifying miRNAs and elucidating their role in inhibiting […]

Next most relevant congresses in the biotechnology sector

The biotechnology industry continues to grow and evolve, a good proof of this is the large number of professional meetings that take place in these last months of the year. Thanks to these events, scientists and professionals have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in this field: something essential to promote, […]