Monthly Archives: November 2023

RNA therapies and their transformative impact on precision medicine

In this second issue of #DiscoveringOligonucleotides, from the OLIGOFASTX consortium we want to introduce you to RNA therapeutics. In the field of medicine, RNA therapies stand as pioneers, offering new approaches and promising advances in the treatment of diseases hitherto thought unattainable. RNA therapies operate at the most fundamental level of genetic information, using different […]

Science and Innovation Week: an opportunity to get closer to the world of science

Science Week is a unique opportunity to get closer to the fascinating world of science. During this week there are various activities and events where you can learn first-hand about the latest advances and discoveries in different areas of science. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in Science Week and broaden your knowledge! Science […]

Challenges and ethics in the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry

At the intersection of technological innovation and healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative tool in the pharmaceutical industry. This pairing promises to accelerate the discovery of new medicines, optimise production processes and improve patient care. However, with the promise comes a number of challenges and ethical conflicts that must be carefully addressed […]

Introduction to Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: Transforming Medicine from Genetics

Therapeutic oligonucleotides have emerged as an exciting and promising class of drugs capable of offering treatments for genetic and/or rare diseases. These DNA or RNA fragments have revolutionised the field of modern medicine… In this blog, we will explore what therapeutic oligonucleotides are, how they work and their potential applications, with a special focus on […]