Monthly Archives: May 2023

Hope for patients with Fuchs’ Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy: Innovations in treatment

Today we talk in our blog about another of the rare diseases that the OLIGOFASTX consortium is working on: Fuchs’ Corneal Endothelial Endothelial Dystrophy (FECD). This pathology affects approximately 4% of the population over 40 years of age, and much more women than men. Results from miRNA expression profiling in FECD endothelial cells demonstrates widespread […]

A day to recognize the role of clinical research: International Clinical Trials Day

May 20 marks International Clinical Trials Day, a date designed to highlight the importance of clinical research and the participation of patients and volunteers that contributes to saving lives, to economic and social development and to providing benefits to healthcare systems. From OLIGOFASTX we do not want to miss the opportunity to address the subject […]

Computational Modeling in the service of health

Technological evolution is increasingly present in all areas of our lives. In today’s article we look at how its application in the chemical sciences through what is known as Computational Chemistry influences the development of modern chemistry, biochemistry, physics and materials science. This role has been widely recognized by the international scientific community and this […]