The OLIGOFASTX project is born

  • The project, subsidised by the CDTI with 5.4 million euros and a final budget of 7.4 million euros, was submitted to the call for Science and Innovation Missions in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Madrid, 2 February 2022. The OLIGOFASTX project, led by Sylentis, S.A., “Grupo PharmaMar” (MSE:PHM), brings together 7 Spanish companies to facilitate and contribute to the accelerated development of oligonucleotide-based therapies in Spain. In particular, the entities that make it up are:

  • Experts in the development of RNA-based therapies (Arthex Biotech, AptaTargets, Aptus Biotech and Sylentis) who will be in charge of the design and development of new therapies for the treatment of rare diseases.
  • Long-established companies in the development of targeted release strategies for nucleic acids (Nanovex and Sylentis).
  • And experts in implementing new disruptive strategies for the rational design and synthesis of nucleic acids (Nostrum Biodiscovery and 53Biologics).

OLIGOFASTX seeks to develop a comprehensive, transversal and sustainable platform for new therapies based on RNA oligonucleotides (ASOs, siRNAs and aptamers), which promotes and facilitates the arrival on the market of new innovative therapies for the treatment of rare diseases in Spain.

Ana Isabel Jiménez, COO and head of R&D at Sylentis, highlights “the high involvement of all partners in this project, which has received the highest rating in the final resolution of the health mission”.

We have succeeded in aligning the technologies and scientific and business capabilities that allow us to complete the development cycle of new RNA-based therapies for the treatment of rare diseases. It is an important step towards meeting many unmet medical needs and also for the Spanish biotechnology sector in the field of advanced therapies.David Segarra, CEO of aptaTargets, points out.

The project aims to place Spain at the forefront of innovation and provide technological and industrial resources that will contribute to the country’s economic growth.